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We are The firm eads as the name indicates believes in evolving a symbiotic architectural design that has firm focus on the future of the environment. View Projects The firm eads as the name indicates believes in evolving a symbiotic architectural design that has firm focus on the future of the environment.

To imagine beyond the Conventional

We believe in sculpting an unconventional aesthetic bearing fertile surprises and distinct visual language yet rooted to our ethical and humanist vision of an equal planet.

To build a sustainable future, Through the Power of Design

We believe in churning up an “Architecture for a Better Planet” by marrying all the elements that separately comprise & inform the character of a building like the structure that gathers it up; the services that regulate the function; its ecology; the quality of natural light; the symbolic presence of the form; the relationship of the building to the city or streetscape; the way you move through or around it; and its ability to elevate the spirits of the end user.

We don't renovate spaces, We transform them

“Biophilic by design, user-centric by function, every project should generate emotions and better experiences.” The incision of a project should be by understanding the needs of the people using the space and the activity to be carried out. The goal lies in creating a soul for the place which respects the function, promises a connect with the outside world by recreating nature and yet to retain a pinch of humour and poetry linger in the space which narrates the story of the space.

Urban Design should speak of its time and place but yearn for timelessness

Urban Design is about creating liveable cities for people. It is an ethical and purposeful endeavour that helps to connect people and places, nature and built forms giving rise to a new vision of life, art and architecture. We belong to an era of unprecedented social, technological and environmental change; hence our mission is to re-think cities that lack the power and energy to build co-operation and community to re-unite people. It is our responsibility as Urbanists to deconstruct the economic city and rebuild a city of wellbeing.

To create a venue that nurtures the heart & heals the environment

As a designer its important to highlight a singular pulse with an extraordinary vibration which still is grounded and in harmony with its environment while lighting a romantic flame. Our designs like to display a vernacular versatility which synchronizes with the surroundings by replacing the coldness of technocratism.

Design is where Science and Art break even

From Urbanists to Architects to Designers, our research studio team works as an integral part of the studio by helping our parallel teams in designing furniture pieces to lighting to accessories for built spaces.

We don't really have a Definite Style

Our ideology stands by the fact that Form and Function are two different entities of Architecture,
where uniting the two to form a single piece of marvel lies in the creative hands of the Architect.
Function links with the physical character of a space whereas Form links with the emotional character of the space, the climatic conditions, the place where it belongs to and the culture that it holds. Form majorly helps in regulating the spirits of the end user. Hence our creations do not really follow a definite Architectural Style but definitely follows the User, his Emotions and the place where he is rooted to.

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